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This is a collection of perspectives and photos from walks up hill and down dale – along with the occasional bike ride too.

Notes from an inductee

“You two should join the mountain rescue team.” The words floated around the open door behind us and wafted past. Charlotte and I looked at each other. More words followed. “They need more women.” We looked at the partially open doorway expectantly. Jo’s head popped round it. “You’d be ideal,” she continued. Charlotte and I… Continue reading Notes from an inductee

A surprising day

I’m in the process of mopping up the Wainwrights that are still to be visited. Mopping up feels a fairly derogatory term, aligned as it is with either clearing up a mess or dealing with the least favourite. My three summits on Sunday didn’t really come into either category. They were lower on the list… Continue reading A surprising day

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